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The Broadgate Good Food Market

The Broadgate Good Food Market

Held at Finsbury Avenue Square, just a stones throw away from Liverpool Street Station, you will find a delicious spread of local and international specialities expertly prepared by our carefully chosen Startisans and Streetisans eager to share their passion and heritage with customers.

Broadgate is part of London’s Square Mile, an area of London steeped in rich heritage and curiosities and far from being a grey cold facade, it is home to some wondrous art and architectural displays. Its open spaces can be tranquil secluded at busy times of the day, with the art and statues providing intrigue and inspiration. From a leaping hare to a rush hour group, the Fulcrum to Broadgate’s own Venus, the Art Trail can make for an interesting day out. Be sure to do it when Shepherds Markets visit; as our eclectic group of ancient recipes to modern creations it is entrepreneurship and food design at its finest and fits right in!

Find us here every other Tuesday

When to visit

Every Other Tuesday
Check Twitter to make sure you catch the right week!

Christmas Markets:

23rd November 11am – 3pm
24th November 11am – 3pm
25th November 11am – 3pm
9th December 11am – 3pm
10th December 11am – 7pm (perfect for late night shopping!!)

Where to visit

Finsbury Avenue Square,
City of London,

Closest station: Liverpool Street