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Mission Statement

Shepherds Markets, also known as The Good Food Market are London’s favourite markets and provide an array of artisan hot and cold food with a sprinkling of crafts

What will you find?

We carefully curate the balance of foods at our markets and work to provide our customers with a highly diverse offering to reflect the vibrancy and cosmopolitan heritage of London.

From local specialities including British charcuterie cured in North London, traditional Fish and Chips, and Scottish Haggis toasties, to international delights including Sicilian cannoli, Iberico ham and Middle Eastern falafel, our markets proudly showcase a distinct selection of the capital’s finest start up businesses and remain at the forefront of the latest food trends.

In recent years, we have begun incorporating the highest quality artisan arts and gifts into our offering at selected markets.  Such stalls include hand crafted Welsh glass jewellery and cityscape photograph prints.



Our traders comprise of artisans, farmers and chefs and are carefully selected based on a range of criteria including product identity, authenticity, originality and quality.  As a result, our markets showcase a unique selection of renowned and award winning traders including Fins and Trotters – winner of the London Lifestyle Award 2013, Panka Peruvian – short listed for the Latin American UK Award, The Bath Soft Cheese Company -winner of the World Cheese Awards 2014, and Deeney’s – awarded the title of London’s Best New Sandwich, 2013.

Our Good Food Values

As a proud member of the Slow Food UK  movement, we work to promote Slow Food values at our markets and help traders achieve the highest standards of nutrition and sustainability.

In 2012, working along side the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Shepherds Markets became the only market to achieve the NHS Change 4 Life ‘Food for Health Award’ in nutrition for all street food traders present at a food market.

Through our ‘Halo’ scheme, traders are carefully selected in accordance with criteria promoting the highest standards of quality, nutrition, authenticity, animal welfare and sustainability and we value the use of traditional production methods where possible. As such, our traders are highly regarded in the food community.  Such traders include: Seriously Italian- producers of fresh artisanal handmade pasta using local ingredients, Wapping Sourdough- producers of naturally leavened sourdough bread, and Fins and Trotters -winner of the London Lifestyle Award for Best Street Food Vendor of the Year for their high quality fish and chips.

Startisans and Streetisans

Our “Startisans” represent the latest generation of high quality start ups and artisans. Our “Streetisans” represent vendors offering fine street food made in line with our Good Food Values.

  • "Trading at Shepherds Markets gave me a lot of strength as it was then when I started understanding the market values and working together with all the traders who then become a type of colleagues of mine and I will always be immensely thankful for the opportunity they have given me to join their markets."
    – Bernardo Neville owner of Chango Empanadas in Richmond

  • "Being accepted to take part in Shepherds Market sites has been a wonderful experience to Hush Hush Chefs. It gave our food manufacturing business an instant recognition and seal of approval in the market place. It’s been very helpful to the marketing of our products to shops and re-sellers."
    – Alain Girdico, Hush Hush Chefs

  • "The Shepherds make it real. Their market and locations gave us the confidence to expand onto the high street. Thanks for all your help and advice."
    – David Arkin, Arancini Brothers

  • What else do we do?

    The Good Food Market has enriched many areas of London by bringing bespoke markets to them and we have brought our markets as part of Christmas, Easter, Valentines and Mothers’ day festivals from Baker Street to Broadgate, from More London to One New Change. Our ubiquitous Markets have taken place all over the City from shopping centres to church yards to office complexes.

    Specific occasions have included The Queens Diamond Jubilee pageant at St Katharine’s Dock, the Annual Ice sculpting festival at Canary Wharf, The Frost Fair at Broadgate, The Firework display at Chiswick park estate and the Primrose hill spring and autumn fair. We are inclusive and welcome a percentage of local tenants as well as local charities for example PIP, Made in Marylebone, The Big Chocolate Tea Party, Citrus Saturday and we have worked with our locations to raise money for other charities such as Shelter, The Food Chain, Mencap and The Prince’s Trust. We have immersed ourselves within local communities such as the Friends of St Katharine’s dock, the Berth Holders Association of St Katharine’s dock and the Paddington residents association – SEBRA

    And of course, we love what we do.

    The Shepherds Markets Team